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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sleep is my Friend/Weigh In/Baby Belly

So my brief few days of insomnia have thankfully abated in direct relation to my success at washing, sorting, putting together, and putting away all of the baby things. Our living room is now nearly back to normal and I'm thinking it will be totally back to normal by tonight.

Now, delightfully, I am once again sleeping like (ha) a baby. However I am sleeping even longer and more contentedly than is normal (for me). I'm guessing, if left to my own devises, I am sleeping nearly 12 hours each night. I wake up feeling good, but I will sleep right up until 10:30 or 11 if I stay up late the night before.

In my opinion, this is awesome. The number one warning/piece of advice I get from people is: "Sleep now while you still can", and apparently my body has taken this to heart. I only hope that I continue to sleep this well right up until the birth and my body turns the stored energy into labor stamina. ;-)


And my other update is my weight. After a month of holding steady (which I knew would NOT last), I am back to putting on weight. I am now up to 158 lbs from a starting weight of 131, meaning I've gained 27 lbs now. I'm fully prepared to go up to 30-35 lbs in the 6 weeks I have left.

Interestingly enough, my Mom weighed 131 lbs when she got pregnant with me, and went on to gain about 35 lbs during her pregnancy. Since she is still beautiful and in great shape at over 50, I am not at all abashed to be following in her footsteps. (She would totally deny being in great shape but compared to the average American she totally is.)

However, I would also be quite fine with staying closer to 30, though I really think I will continue to gain at least a pound a week, so I guess it depends on if he is late, early, or what.

Either way I'm not very concerned. I feel very lucky in that most of my pregnancy weight appears to be in my belly, which hopefully means it will be nearly gone between the birth and the week or two after. I guess my butt has gotten a little bigger, too, but I could have used some extra "junk in ma trunk" before. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I feel pretty lucky not to be one of those pregnant ladies that just gets generally fatter all over--legs, arms, hands, feet, face, etc. I actually always thought I WOULD be one of those ladies, so it has been a pleasant surprise to discover that that isn't the case.


Along similar lines . . .

I have noticed for the last week or two that my stomach (ie, James David) seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Suddenly it just seems SO much bigger than it had been, and (lil) James is starting to feel REALLY big and heavy in there. My belly button is still in, but it is seriously shallow. I guess it was pretty freaking deep before . . .

I keep trying to tell myself that it is still probably going to get like twice as big, especially if I go to full term. I'm at 34 weeks (yesterday), and he's supposedly 5 pounds in there now (according to the baby books). So obviously if he is born early at 37 weeks (3 weeks from now) he'll be quite a bit smaller than if he's born late, like 42 weeks (8 weeks from now). Then again I suppose how "done" he is probably has to do with his size anyway, so hopefully if he's a nice big baby he'll come a bit early and if he's a little baby he'll be more likely to need additional "cooking time".

Okay enough updates for right now, LOL.

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Alyssa said...

Glad you're sleeping well again and that you're happy with your weight gain!

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